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About Us

A global alliance has been formed and in the working across the Asia, Africa & Middle East focusing in the renewable energy development, organic agriculture and logistics (automation) consultancy & project management.
Innovative & patented technologies and reliable solutions, talented people with passion, futuristic approach and environmental centric – our approach and deliverables are promising for this generation and generations to come.
Interdev Automation has strategically and passionately joined hands with:

  • EnerVisio GmbH (20+ years of hands on experience in the renewable energy development)
  • Feranova GmbH (Innovator & patent owner of Concentrated Solar Power Solutions)
  • AIG GmbH (Globally accredited manufacturer and power solution provider)
  • ZN Shine (Shining star PV solar manufacturer who provide bankable warrantee and selected 3 best in the photon test in the EU)
  • AVANTIS Energy Group GmbH (Veterans in the wind power solutions)
  • Bio Elite Duenger (East German patent owning company who transform any dead soil to fertile soil in 18 months)
  • BIONIC GmbH (Waste management specialists)