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Renewable Energies

We make our future today 

‘Renewable Energy, Electricity Mobility and Energy Efficiency' - common answers to these questions are often: 'It is nothing to me' or, 'This does not concern me.'
A new way of thinking is so necessary if humanity wants to continue to live in the usual luxury and comfort. The Interdev therefore already gives you the necessary answers to questions about future energy systems. We are your partner for innovative energy generators, advanced electric mobility and advanced use of energy efficiency in the home and garden. Take us at our word - and the future comes today to you.

The Renewable Engineering

Services for Renewable Energy Technology
Our focus is on the use of energy sources from solar, wind, and careful use of electricity, renewable raw materials and water. As a professional technology service provider, we run our project through EPC / EPCM procedures (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management)

There are good reasons to support the energy transition

  • People live again environmentally conscious, independent and sustainable for generations.
  • Consumers and investors choose an advantageous low-risk investment, as the raw material sun, wind and bio-energy are available free and independent.

Strategy: Our divisions are to support the distribution of our brands and products.

A solar cell is still far from alone photovoltaic system. What you see on the roof of a solar system owner, the solar generator and only part of the complete PV system. It consists of several solar panels, also called PV module. In a solar module, many solar cells are electrically connected together. They are embedded between glass or plastic sheets to protect it from wind and weather. PV modules are generally mounted on the roof or support structure in a frame. PV modules for standard voltages, for example, 12 volts, supplied. The accessories such as Inverter, substructures, etc. will be adapted to the whole project.

With our partners, we offer selected products for their long-term vision, properly achieved the desired success.

EcoPower - Do what is possible.

"Power is now homemade” to bring this new way of thinking into the consciousness of our society is the main objective of EcoPower. Shall humanity to live in harmony with nature, we must start applying technologies for decentralized power generation from solar and wind, which will certainly be commonplace in 50 years today.

The EcoPower makes today what will be referred to in future as standard. 

Do not take our word for it - and soon, the future belongs to you.

EcoMobile - A new market is emerging mobility

In the discussion on climate protection and sustainability, people in the area of ​​mobility are demanding in each case the best and most reasonable transportation. We develop from the EcoMobile for your personal, holistic mobility concepts and strategies for innovative and sustainable future.

We offer competent, independent and neutral - no matter whether you as an individual, or for your business model. As experts, we test and optimize your existing infrastructure while also and their products. Of course, we can also support you if you already have concrete ideas on this subject or you see an opportunity for new business for your communities, businesses and transport operators in the field of electric mobility.

Do not take our word for it - and the future is already used to you.

EcoLiving – Live without exploitation

Interdev called "EcoLiving" or sustainable living, as the conversion to a renewable energy-based and reusable products and materials economy with a diversified transport system. We favor the harmony with nature and the "crew" of the earth.
Interdev coincides with the current product portfolio now the synergies between energy, mobility, and energy efficiency from.
Do not take our word for it - and the future is already used to you..